Having A Vision For Your Marriage, God’s vision for marriage

Having A Vision For Your Marriage Is Your Best Bet To Grow

You have been taught to have a vision statement for your business, church, and personal life, but no one has explained to you the importance of having a vision for your marriage. Today we are going to share with you why it is just as important to have a vision for your marriage, particularly the importance of implementing God’s vision for your marriage. In addition to writing it down and taking the necessary steps to make it happen.

Why Is Having a Vision for Your Marriage Important?

It is essential to have a vision because, God said in His Word: “Where there is no vision, the people shall perish” (Prov. 29:18). Therefore, the same can be said for your marriages. If you do not have a vision for your marriage, it will perish.

So The Question Is, What is a Vision?

The definition of a vision is to have a picture in mind, envision. It is a mental image produced by the imagination, something that is or has been seen. (In the supernatural, spirit and mind). Once we see this in the natural and supernatural, we then pursue it and God makes it become a reality.

What Happens If You Don’t Create A Marriage Vision?

If we do not pursue what we see and envision in the natural and supernatural, as stated earlier, our marriage will perish. Let’s understand what it means to perish. To perish means, to suffer complete ruin or destruction. Disappear, vanish, fade, dissolve, evaporate, wither away! This can happen to us whether physically, emotionally and spiritually if we are not careful.

Having a Vision for Your Marriage Keeps Things Thriving,

Your vision is what keeps things thriving; it keeps things rolling in motion. Your image is your spiritual heartbeat from the supernatural working of God’s spirit within you. He’s working on completing His divine will through you in the natural form. Our vision allows us to make the transition from just existing to living. This is not only true for you as an individual, but one in the union of marriage in which God has ordained.

A Successful Marriage Is Just Like Running a Business.

As a business goes through good and bad seasons in thriving of sales, it is vital for these establishments to refocus, re-evaluate and look back on their initial vision and missions they previously established, if this does not happen, they will no longer thrive as a business. If they lose the focus of their vision, mission and never revisit a new one, then the company will die!

The Results Of Not Having A Marriage Vision:

As stated with businesses, this can also be the same case with marriages. It is essential for you to have a vision for your marriage from the onset so that when you go through troubled and challenging times, you can reflect on and retain the idea you both framed and work towards receiving it! If you do not have a vision, or attempt to make adjustments in your supernatural for your marriage, it will eventually fail!  

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