About Us

Bruce and Rachale are the founders of Empowered To be Present LLC, a Christian Coaching Company that helps restore marriages that have been affected by past trauma; they are on a mission to break generational curses and help families leave a legacy of love.

In addition to 26 years of a successful marriage, raising three children, one with special needs, they are entrepreneurs, speakers, and co-authors of “What the Preacher Didn’t Say At The Altar,” who provide coaching and training to married couples and their families, as well as associations, and conferences internationally.

In their spare time, they lead a marriage ministry at their home church where they love to encourage, help and pray for other couples.

Bruce Kelley is an author, speaker, licensed social worker, ordained minister, drug and alcohol counselor. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Liberal Studies from Bowling Green State University with a concentration in Social Work and his Master’s Degree in Divinity from Winebrenner Theological Seminary.

Rachale is a SAHM of 18 years, author, speaker, certified professional life, marriage, and Business Coach.  She has served in many capacities in the church including, administration and teaching. Also, she is a mentor who helps women discover hope and healing in their everyday lives.

They are acknowledged marriage coaching experts. Their Facebook page has upwards of 8,000 fans, their overall fan base across all social media platforms totals 20,000 across the world who have access to their training.

Speaking And Training

If you’d like Bruce or Rachale to speak at your event or conference, or provide a marriage keepers vision workshop for your group, get in touch and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Bruce Kelley, Rachale Kelley

Empowered To be Present LLC.